Body Butter Collection

TRUESSENCE focuses on applying methods from aroma therapy into natural products of essential oils, offering you a healthier way of living every day. We capture the proven and incredibly effective powers of natural essential oils and make them relevant for our hustling days and busy lives.

Lisa Lin Halskov, the founder of TRUESSENCE, is a certified aroma therapist in the USA, who also has a diploma from the Science School Formula Botanica of the United Kingdom, specialising in Organic Cosmetics. Her passion for the astonishing natural ingredients is reflected through her 100% handmade products. Coming from a family that believes strongly in taking control of our bodies, essential oils has always played a vital role in her life.

Aromatherapy and the use of oils for healing has been practiced in many different cultures for centuries. So, with a mix of the modern knowledge and traditional methods, we bring you some of the most natural products on the market today. Through years of practice, we have attained a much better understanding of how oils complement different needs, and finally we have reached a point where we have found the best way to attain the desired effects from the oils.

Our understanding for the importance of health and helping others has brought us to where we are now. Our mission is to inspire and improve wellness in the mind, body and soul of each individual that joins the TRUESSENCE family. TRUESSENCE is for you to better your lifestyle using the natural ingredients from Mother Earth.

Body Butters

Body Butters


Why body butter not body lotion? is a question we get frequently. Majority of lotion ingredients contains aquatic substances, like water, which requires preservatives to avoid growth of microbes and bacteria. 

Body butter is butter/was base that is naturally skin nourishing. It does not contain any liquid, so no preservative is used. 

Body butter stay on skin for a longer time than lotion, it forms  an occlusive layer on top of skin to prolong the moisture and avoid skin dehydration.

A small amount of body butter goes a long way on the body, unlike lotion, where huge amounts are needed to over the entire body.